For programmers who wish to extend the program, it is suggested to perform the following tasks before doing any work. The source files to work on are in the compressed zip file called “”.

When you extract “”, you will get a single folder called “DocEditor”. This folder contains all the SystemJ and Java source files that are needed to compile the Collaborative Environment from source. You will need the SystemJ compiler to compile these files. Besides the SystemJ compiler you will also need the XML parser jdom. You will need the above mentioned jar files in your classpath when compiling the source files.

Using Eclipse :

– If you intend to work in Eclipse, you must set the Java Build Path to the jar files which you have in your downloaded folder since the program itself was developed in Eclipse, and Eclipse will try to read the old library files (with old, different directory paths) as its build paths.

Please refer the SystemJ manual for compiling SystemJ applications.