In order to get a feel for the technology, software developers are able to download the compiler and development environment with different flavors and use them for evaluation and development of their own applications.

We also provide a number of simple demo examples, some of them are described in detail in the SystemJ manual  to achieve quick familiarity with the language and the development flow, as well as a number of more complex examples which illustrate how SystemJ technology can be used in novel applications.

User and more comprehensive reference documentation are the part of development environment and will also be gradually released in standalone form. In the beginning we offer the SystemJ White Paper (PDF), which gives a global overview of SystemJ technology, the SystemJ Manual (PDF), which enables quick start with the programming and use of the development environment, and the documentation integrated into SystemJ Developer.

If you want to start now with your own examples and getting experience with SystemJ you first need to register to be able to login into the download area of the web-site and then follow this link.