SystemJ Demos Overview

The following demo examples demonstrate the use of SystemJ in different application scenarios.

Traffic Simulator is a program that uses SystemJ to create a simple traffic simulator for a limited area with a focus on traffic signals. The example consists of two parts, one that simulates the traffic and models cars, traffic lights and roads, and the second that visualizes the traffic by using a webserver and web based frontend. You can follow this link to learn more and download the source code.

Collaborative Work Environment demonstrates how multiple participants can collaborate at the same time on writing documents and sharing ideas, effectively implementing an ad-hoc collaborative application. It integrates three parts, collaborative editor, chatting and whiteboard, which all together create a simple ad-hoc collaborative environment. The collaborative environment does not require the use of a server, lengthy set-up or specific operating system. To learn more of this application and download the SystemJ source code you can follow this link.

Bluetooth Communicator is another example of SystemJ implemented application where the participants, equipped with Bluetooth enabled devices, static or mobile, create a distributed ad-hoc collaborative network without need for expensive dedicated network infrastructure in place. SystemJ in this case is used to create communication paths between the nodes in the network. The demo illustrates the use of the approach in a warehouse floor environment, but is obviously extensible to other similar scenarios. More on this demo example and its implementation can be found here.