SystemJ Language

SystemJ is a language for designing and programming concurrent and distributed software systems.

Concurrency Demystified

SystemJ provides explicit statements to describe synchronous and asynchronous concurrency and allows use of Java to describe usual objects and data manipulations for traditional sequential programming. The language runs on any platform that has Java Virtual Machine and is highly portable.

Broad Applicability

From simple to complex, from single- to multi-processor, from mobile devices to servers, from embedded to desktop systems, from centralized to distributed, from reactive to interactive, from single-clock to multi-clock systems.

All in one language

Easy handling of concurrency and synchronization, manipulations with objects and complex algorithms, no need for expensive middleware.

Read more and try

Distributed Intelligent Surveillance System is implemented using single language – SystemJ.

Tracking of moving objects, intelligence of individual cameras including sensor fusion, object handover between adjacent cameras, event reporting to the operators, automatic and manual control of cameras, database maintenance and the whole middleware are all implemented using the single language. SystemJ is used in this example on embedded platforms, desktop computers and servers and mobile wireless devices in single complex application.